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Over the past decade, cargo traffic in Hungary has increased dynamically. This requires forming quality service of road freight traffic between international airports.

Based on these tendencies we created our service portfolio. By now we have many airlines, GSAs, and multinational companies specialized in air transport among our privileged partners.

Our goal is to be part of our business partners’ success.

We have a fixed fleet capacity. We provide high quality service by offering 1.5t, 3t and 25t sheeted or box truck with even 2 drivers and a GPS-tracking system up on request.

Our company offers a tailored freight forwarding service system meeting the demands of our clients in search of a quick, clear, forecastable and cost-effective solution.

Our dedicated colleagues are adapted to the evolving market demands, with their professional knowledge and experience we are able to provide a quick solution to undertake any kind of freight forwarding services.

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Our services

Túlméretes, hűtős, ADR-es szállítmányok szervezése
Transport of oversized, dangerous and refrigerated goods

Besides basic transportation we pay particular attention to safe delivery of special, oversized, refrigerated and dangerous goods.

Oversized goods: For years we have been offering high quality, tailored freight services for our clients in order to deliver safely oversized, overweight goods. It’s part of our daily routine to provide full-scale licenses, shifting and crane services.

Refrigerated goods: We recommend our mega trailers capacity for transporting refrigerated goods within the European Union. Furthermore there is a possibility to transport small-size, tempered express parcel with our qualified subcontractors.

Dangerous goods: Our professionals offer sound solutions on transporting dangerous goods.

Nemzetközi közúti szállítmányozásNemzetközi szállítmányozás és fuvarozás
International transport

With our 1-24t tilt and box trucks we guarantee a continuous availability to our clients. Beside our semi-trailer trucks we are equipped with a fixed contracted chartered-truck fleet providing quick, reliable and flexible freight services to our clients within the European Union.

Sea freight: With more than 20 years of professional experience we provide solution for FCL and LCL packing with a wide variety of cargo. We devise transshipments, storage and customs clearance in various European ports.

Air freight: We guarantee a safe and cost-effective delivery of air cargo on a worldwide scale with a help of our partners 365 days a year.

Freight insurance: As known, in case of potential damage, a total of only 8.33 SDR per kilogram of damaged goods are covered with restricted conditions by the compulsory CMR insurance.

Above this limit we provide a competitive, quick, simple freight insurance for high value goods.

Légi paletták repülőterek közötti szállítása görgős – roller bed – kamionokkal
Transport air pallets between airports on roller bed trucks

Our colleagues with many years of experience on logistics between European airports guarantee that air-cargo pallets, containers, loose-cargos and express deliveries are handled with care and arrive to their destination point on time.

Online szállítmánykövetés
Online tracking

Premium clients receive private access code in order to keep track of valuable goods.

Safe delivery is guaranteed by 3t and 24t 2-driver box trucks with GPS tracking system.



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Katalin Koszta
- finance, invoicing, Gateway Trans
Krisztina Vincze
- finance, invoicing, Gateway Express
Zsuzsanna Hantó
- operation agent
Ferenc Fejes
- operation agent
Péter Bánás
- executive director
Tamás Farkas
- operations manager


Dóra Halászi
- operation
Mihály Halászi
- Gateway Trans manager
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